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Milo - a Beneteau First Class 10

About this blog

This blog is a place for me to post news about my boat, sailing and other things I find interesting and perhaps you do to. Please don't hesitate to comment and contribute.
Here you can find news, pictures and other information that later might find it's way to the main hompage:
More detailed and static info about the Beneteau First Class 10 in general and also about specific data for Milo together with tips, tricks, projects and more.

Winter 2009-10

News Posted on 2010-06-21 09:53

It was a cold winter so not much work was done. Therefore the spring has been hectic and I have been way behind on the planned projects. Things that need to be done before summer are:

* Route air from the Ebesprecher heater to the front cabin (where we sleep).
* Repair deck and find new stanchion-feet (due to German cruising sailor…)
* Mount new stanchion-feet and bend stations to the correct angle.
* New winches (ST) for the headsail.
* Solarpanel.

And then there is the usual work, and then some…

Summer 2009

News Posted on 2009-07-11 14:47

Finaly summer is here and the sailing season started with a couple of fun regattas. First I crewed at a beautiful Luffe 4004, owned by Gunnar Ödhman on the Pater Noster Race. Great weather, well organized and a good team made a super weekend.

The we had Bohusracet, a shorthanded event in the archipelago on the Swedish west coast. Start in Uddevalla and then 170 M to finish in Bohus-MAlmön after rounding Trestjerne lighthouse in Norway. Again great race that we completed despite lack of wind in the night, so it took 34 hours.

Now we are preparing to take a vacation and just cruise around at the Swedish west coast. Have a great summer.


News Posted on 2009-02-05 09:22

This year has started great.
Several really good events have been organized by different people in the Gothenburg area.

There is a very active club for Albin Express, They together with North Sails organized a great “Trim for Speed” evening (Some pictures here). Then we have the Volvo Ocean Race evenings at restaurant Tres in Lindholmen. Also Pannrummet have theme evenings serving good presentations around sailing and also has locally brewed beer, Ödmans Öl.

The big event every spring is of cource the Gothenburg boat fair, Båtmässan.
This year I spent most time hanging in the Quatum Sails bar.

I attended Peter Gustavssons ( ) presentation about boat instrumentation and weather routing. Really good and more info at Peters blog.

Some pictures of people from the the boat fair can be found on flickr – Båtmässan 09

More Photos

News Posted on 2008-09-23 15:24

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Sailing home from Läsö in Sept. 2008.
More pictures at flickr, the Sailing with Milo collection.

New Photos

Photos Posted on 2008-09-10 15:21

To make things easier and quicker I am using flickr as the main repository for my pictures. You’ll find my photostream directly at:
Added new pictures from the weekend in Åstol. A few pictures show the Genoa 1 hoisted “free-flying” like a code-0.

New blog

News Posted on 2008-09-10 15:16

Welcome to this new blog about Beneteau First Class 10, Milo and sailing in general. Since it takes time to maintain a traditional webpage I find this way easier and quicker to add new material. The downside is that information is scattered here, on the homepage and on flickr. I hope that more frequent updates makes up for that.